5 Low-Cost, High-Quality Alternatives to Traditional Dental Insurance

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Close to 114 million Americans don’t have dental insurance.

Chew on that for a minute — because that’s about one in every four people walking around, chomping on crunchy snacks, eating super-cold ice cream, and just waiting for their next chip, crack, or ouch moment. And that’s problematic.

While the insurance crisis gets solved, though, you don’t need to go without affordable dental care. We’ve rounded up five simple, low-cost, high-quality solutions to ensure you and your family have the cleanings and extended care you need, when you need it — often for a fraction of the price you’d pay with insurance.

#1. Smylen

We’d be remiss if we didn’t put ourselves in the top spot — but, let’s face it, we’ve got plenty of good cause for this seed. Our network of high-quality, top-rated dentists provides affordable dental care that, in many cases, leaves you with a lower bill than you’d get trying to hit those out-of-pocket minimums.

To find affordable dental care via Smylen, simply head to our homepage, pop in your zip code or desired treatment, and browse available providers — and their Smylen rates — instantly. It’s quick, it’s painless, and it’s totally transparent. You’ll know going in exactly what you’re going to pay for that Invisalign or the root canal and crown.

While in our minds Smylen made sense for these 114 million uninsured Americans, we’re actually seeing more and more and more insured users hit the site looking for savings versus their company-provided — or, even, private — dental insurance.

To us, that says something — not just about the sad state of dental insurance but, more importantly, about the amazing, affordable dental care options Smylen is offering right now. Check it out, book your appointment, and be on your way to affordable dental care in seconds.

#2. Dental Schools

Many dental schools and universities offer free and low-cost dental care — provided you’re willing to be seen and treated by a student dentist. But before you panic, know this: sessions are overseen by professors and practicing dentists, so you’ll be in good hands from start to finish.

Another reason not to panic? These aren’t first-day dental students looking to learn on your mouth. These are, typically, highly-trained, highly-educated dental students wrapping up their graduate training. In months — weeks, even — these soon-to-be-graduates will step out into the world as full-blown DMDs. So why not jump the line a little and get affordable dental services in exchange?

And affordable, they are — while basic services like cleanings are often free, even more extension, premium services tend to be significantly reduced. At the School of Dental Medicine at Pitt, for example, a single implant — including all the bells and whistles — costs about $900. Compare that to the national average — about $1,000 to $3,000 for the implant plus $500 to $3,000 for the abutment and crown — and it’s clear why so many people hit up dental schools when they need affordable dental care.

#3. Enhanced At-Home Care

While nothing takes the place of annual cleanings, intensifying your at-home care plan can help curb the need for significant work now and in the future. Layer in the basics — brushing at least twice daily, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash, for starters — and you’ll likely walk away from your next check up with a clean bill of oral health. Keep it up and you won’t need affordable dental care — or any extensive dental care.

#4. Clinics & Pop Ups

Many communities offer free and affordable dental care services to residents via clinics, pop ups, and mobile cleaning-and-filling experiences. The State of California, for example, has nearly 400 free and low-cost dental clinics, while in Nashville pop-ups are taking over neighborhoods with affordable dental care options on-demand and onsite. And they aren’t alone.

Check out local resources — neighborhood Facebook groups and message boards, for example — to see who’s who, what’s what and where you can get a quick cleaning without the hefty price tag.

#5. Discounts & Offers

Depending on the affordable dental services you’re looking for, resources like Groupon may offer cheap options — but you need to do your due diligence. From teeth whitening to straightening to, even, denture care, we’ve seen it all pop up on these sites, often with massive savings.

While it’s appealing — and it might be a good solution depending on your needs — do your homework. At Smylen, all of our dentists are top-rated pros who are thoroughly vetted and assessed before joining our elite network. We can’t say the same for certain discount sites.

Smile for Affordable Dental Care!

The takeaway? Affordable dental care isn’t a myth — in fact, with resources like Smylen, it’s a total reality. Your job, then, is to assess your needs, your family’s needs, and find the right affordable dental care solution.

Or, simply head to the Smylen homepage and start your search by zip code, by treatment, or by what’s trending in your neighborhood. From there, you’ll be able to see real-time pricing from top-rated dentists, and book appointments on the fly. It is, hands down, the simplest way to secure the dental services you need at prices you can afford — and to us, that’s always something to smile about.


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