4 Simple Strategies for Finding Affordable Dentures


Dentures are one of the most common dental needs nationwide—and not just among seniors. More than 32 million Americans have dentures, and that number is expected to rise—by 2024, 200 million Americans are expected to be dealing with partial tooth loss. And given the ongoing trend, the vast majority will seek out dentures.

The challenge? Cost. On average, a full set of dentures can cost $1,300 to $3,200—and dental implants can easily cost $10,000 or more. That doesn’t include tooth extraction either, which can cost approximately $300 to $400 per tooth—and all of these costs can skyrocket if you’re in a high-cost metro.

That said, there are options for affordable dentures and dental implants. If you’re struggling to get the dentures you need, consider…

  1. Request a Payment Plan

Many prosthodontist and general dentists offer payment plans for higher-cost services like dentures and dental implants. Even if it’s not offered at your initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask. Dental offices know a major procedure can be a huge financial strain on the patient and their family and, in many cases, will happily work with you to come up with a weekly or monthly payment plan that works for both sides.

Granted, you’ll still pay the full cost of the service, you’ll just be breaking it down over time. Same goes with other break-it-down approach like credit cards and loans. Even CareCredit—a credit card designed specifically for medical and dental expenses—won’t alleviate any of the financial burden. However, with no-interest financing when you keep up with the minimum payment due, you’ll be able to stretch your denture cost over 6, 12 or even 24 months.

  1. Keep PACE

For those over 55 who qualify for home care nursing, PACE provides free and very low-cost dental care, including affordable—and, even, no-cost dentures. To qualify, patients must also be on Medicare or Medicaid

  1. Join a Dental Discount Program

If you don’t have dental insurance—or if yours isn’t getting the job done—you may be able to get affordable dentures through dental discount programs. Plans start around $100 per year and, in exchange, members save around 20% to 40% on standard dental procedures.

While, in some cases, these programs deliver serious savings, there tend to be clauses for specialty procedures—for example, one popular dental discount program won’t cover pre-existing conditions or replace teeth extracted before membership began.

  1. Search SMYLEN

Affordable dentures are one of the most searched services in the Smylen network. Search by location or service and, instantly, see totally transparent pricing for everything from tooth extraction to dentures to dental implants. Click, book and you’re set—and you know exactly what you’ll be paying for your dentures. And if you don’t? Name your price and connect with a top-rated dentist in seconds.

Want to make your Smylen search work even harder? Consider searching neighboring zip codes to find the best deals on affordable dentures. A recent search turned up a $3,050 option in Manhattan and a $1,500 option in a nearby suburb less than 30 miles away. If you’re open to hitting the road, you may be able to lock in even deeper discounts.

Keep in mind, finding affordable dentures isn’t just a challenge for the senior set—seven in 10 adults 35-44 have lost at least one permanent tooth and, by age 74, one in four have no permanent teeth. By understanding your options whether dentures are an immediate need or not, you’ll be better positioned to make smart, strategic choices about your long-term oral care—choices that won’t break the bank.

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