What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the best way to replace your teeth in 2018.  Simple. That’s all, see you next week.

Just kidding.

Dental implants mimic an actual tooth.

There is a screw for the root, the cone underneath the gum and bone.

And a crown for the part of the tooth you see when you smile.

There is also a connector between the screw and crown called an abutment.

What are the benefits of implants?

Implants have significant benefits over other forms of tooth replacement.  We discussed some of the downsides to a bridge.  And we will discuss the downsides to a partial denture in future posts.  The implant doesn’t have these issues as it most closely mimics an actual tooth.  More specifically:

#1 it does NOT require the shaving down/harm of any neighboring teeth

#2 it maintains the most aesthetically pleasing result since the teeth are not connected together

#3 you can also floss for the same reason!  No special oral hygiene required, just floss as you would a normal tooth

#4 an implant engages your bone, therefore preventing bone loss

So why are implants so expensive?

The cost of equipment and materials are higher than that of the alternatives.  Surgical equipment, implant parts, lab fees. Also, you must consider doctor training and expertise.  Not every dentist is trained to place implants so there is a premium that goes along with that.

So what if you are missing more than 1 tooth?

Well, just like everything in life, it depends.  2 teeth? Get 2 implants. 3 teeth? Get 3. Or get an implant bridge.  4 teeth? 4 implants, a 4 unit bridge, or a partial denture.

All your teeth?  Full denture.  Or – implant supported overdenture.

There’s many ways to do it.  You need to figure out what works for you both in terms of preference, and budget.

In the meantime, Keep Smiling 🙂



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