5 Tips for a Better Smile

  1. Make Sure to Use Dental Floss

Sure, there are tons of products on the market that claim to clean your teeth, but nothing can replace good, old-fashioned dental floss.  What makes floss irreplaceable is its ability to get in between the teeth, where surfaces are tight against one another, and attack the places where some of the worst germs hide. You should know that brushing your teeth only removes about 50% of the nasty stuff off of your teeth. Floss is the absolute best household product to take care of the other half.  It does not matter how fancy or expensive a toothbrush you use or how intensely you go over each tooth, you still need to floss.

  1. Limit Your Coffee Tea and Red Wine

Beverages like tea, red wine, and coffee are well known for staining your teeth. These drinks can create a superficial stain that a hygienist or dentist can polish off. But, in some cases, they can also cause internal damage to the tooth enamel. If you want to take some precautions, you can try drinking through a straw. This way, the liquids don’t make contact with your teeth when you are enjoying your drinks. You should also rinse your mouth out with water, the more frequently the better. The water will wash the dark liquids off your teeth, so they won’t sit there creating stains.

  1. Purchase a High Quality Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have been proven to remove plaque more efficiently and provide more cleaning to the gums than standard toothbrushes. If you are willing to spend the money, some electric toothbrushes even include settings for whitening or sensitive teeth. While you will have to replace the electric toothbrushes’ heads, the bodies are made to last years at a time. If an electric toothbrush isn’t your thing or you aren’t looking to spend too much, make sure you buy a soft-bristled manual brush. You can always find hard and medium brushes on the market, but dentists around the country agree that they are not healthy for your teeth.

  1. Manage Your Sugar Intake

While candies and cakes always seem tempting, they wreak havoc on your teeth, leading to plaque buildup and weakened enamel. Instead of indulging in sugary snacks, its better to reach for nutritious foods like fruit, cheese, Greek yogurt or raw vegetables. Many veggies, including celery and cauliflower, even help remove crumbs from between your teeth and also help fight plaque.

  1. See Your Dentist More Often

The importance of dental check-ups cannot be downplayed. Many people see their dentist twice a year, but even that is not enough. It’s recommended that you check in with your dentist every 3 months, which is 4 times a year. While that may sound like too much to some people, it really is necessary. Your mouth can build up quite a lot of germs in 90 days, and then you are just back where you started! There’s nothing better you can do for your mouth than to have a professional dental cleaning.

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